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Activity Professionals of North Dakota is proud to announce the winners of this years awards!

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Activity Professional of the Year

The Activity Professional of the Year award for 2022 goes to Julie Schwab.  She has shown leadership as a member of the Activity Professionals of North Dakota (APND), and adds a sparkle to the lives of those who live at the Sunset-Good Samaritan Society of Mandan, ND.  With 21 fabulous years in the activity profession, and a friendly, caring attitude, she is quick to put smiles on the faces of her residents and assistants alike. 
In the Covid adversities of recent years, she has adapted so well, wearing many hats…literally!  She has ”been” Dolly Parton -- strolling down the hallways singing beloved songs -- or a 5 year old girl filled with life and innocence -- to make everyone smile.  When we weren’t able to have families come in for a time, she created an environment where her staff became family for the residents. With the help of fundraising, she helped get equipment to broadcast activities to the residents’ rooms when Covid confined them to their rooms. 
Every Tuesday for 20 years, jam sessions have been part of her repertoire.   She has the ability to get up on stage and play an instrument and sing right along with a visiting band.  She sings beautifully and can perform as most any singer she sets her mind to being.
Her staff has found her to be fair, flexible, compassionate, imaginative, and an efficient supervisor, who is an “easy to work with” team player. Being willing to work extra hours on weekends when staffing has been short, quickly sorting out mixed up time clock punches, solving shopping dilemmas for residents --  all are done with kindness and patience.  She is also open to the input of other care partners’ ideas for events and activities, and is quick to offer help and assistance to others, including driving a van on a moment’s notice.
Julie has proven her ability to persevere in the face of adversity, bringing life, joy and laughter in her many roles and responsibilities.  She makes a big difference in the lives of her Sunset-Good Samaritan Society family, and well deserves this award.
Congratulations Julie Schwab! You have been chosen for this year’s Activity Professional of the Year!

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Activity of the Year

What is this activity called?  We simply call this activity Operation Christmas Child and if a resident or family member asks what it is we say a service project.
What supplies were used? Shoe boxes are collected throughout the year as well as whatever is purchased or donated to be placed in the boxes (stuffed animals, pencils, hats, socks, clothing, cups, hygiene products, etc.)
How did residents respond to it? The residents always state that they feel really good doing this activity as it is their way to help give back. You can see the effort they put into each item they choose in able to put together the perfect box.
What skills and/or senses did they use during it? Residents need to look through the items that are laid out on the tables and choose which items that they would like to put into the box they are filling. I would say sense of sight, touch and pride. This also turns into a reminisce as they go around the fellowship hall talking about what they received or would like to receive for Christmas or what they liked to purchase for their families. We even talk about traditions as this is a tradition that has been started at KRCC, which brings on the discussion of what the kids’ reactions are who receive these boxes!

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Winners of this years scholarships 

This years scholarship winners:
Lisa Warner- Area 3
They will each receive $100 to use toward containing education.

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